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Who are Die Landouwe?

We are a folk group Genk anno 1953. Die Landouwe has been very much stand on its record.. Performances at home and abroad, festivals here and there, awards, ministerial approvals, twinning with numerous foreign groups ... and so on.

The focus has shifted slightly, but the goal remains unchanged: "Conservation of the Flemish folk" by music, singing, dancing and waving Vendel.

Currently we count a dozen flag wavers and two musicians.

Our commitment and perseverance rewarded when we saw our own creation Vendel "De Slagmolen" was included in "Vendel nu 4", a publication of "The Flemish Institute for Folk Art". Still later, "Den Dool" and "Ter Aerde".

What does "Die Landouwe" mean?

The translation of the Old Flemish word is "a plain field" or "an undeveloped piece of land. The undeveloped, rural Genk in 1953, safeguard and protect the industry, as our predecessors thought at that time. This should not be taken literally, the founders of The Old Country Refurbished is not the industry as such but the accompanying decline of tradition and individuality. They wanted the creation of a folk group Genk our people wake up and keep up their Flemish cultural heritage and their responsibility for management and operation of this legacy.
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